The Journey Begins

Welcome aboard! I am “The Husband” of the lady who runs The Lily Cafe and our home! If you, have a passion for science, a curiosity for the world around you, are an avid anime or cartoon enthusiast, find yourself lost in a bookstore or “in books”, have a small addiction to the news/politics/current events, enjoy sports, have a kid or several of them, or you have a point of view on any of the above, I welcome you. Life is challenging and amazing, and I hope to engage with you in the only ways I know how – by living it and through discussion. I will be posting each Saturday as a contributor to The Lily Cafe! Thank you for your valuable time. Tune in each week. Same bat time. Same bat channel. Live long and prosper!

Thank you for joining me!  – The Husband



A dad, husband, scientist, and a general a scatterbrain.